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Waltrip High School
1900 West 34th
Houston, TX 77018-6186

Phone:(713) 688-1361
Fax: (713) 957-7743

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This is a private website intended only for students that attended Waltrip High School in Houston, TX. Former and current staff members are also permitted to register. All new registrations will have to be verified by either the site administrator or their class administrator.

Newest Members

Darrell Kirk

Class of 76'
Michael Brittain

Class of 92'
Tim Brooks

Class of 62'
Carmen Garcia (Velasquez)

Class of 83'
Emily Redditt (Perry)

Class of 68'
Harry Salazar

Class of 70'
Thomas Wong

Class of 85'
Jon Enloe

Class of 61'
Daniel Yeshitla Nigussie

Class of 07'
Mark Baranosky (jenkins)

Class of 73'
Ronald Jackson

Class of 92'
Donna Schultz (Williford)

Class of 68'
Yaminah Hunter

Class of 13'
John Nagy

Class of 81'
Christopher Redding

Class of 97'
Frank Longoria

Class of 78'
Jimmy Everitt

Class of 70'
Jeanne Stone Miller

Class of 73'
Zahra Bailey (Upshaw)

Class of 92'
Alex Harrah

Class of 73'
Cassandra Postel

Class of 91'
Tina Sowell (Hall)

Class of 89'
Terren Rivers

Class of 12'
Paul Markoski

Class of 83'
Brandy Hernandez (Guillen)

Class of 97'
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